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Event Calendar

All upcoming events are in the calendar below, which is initially presented as an agenda. You may scroll this list up and down to look quite far into the future or the past. You may also use controls at the top right to see it as a weekly or monthly calendar. Controls on the top left allow you to select which week or month.

Each event has a heading shown in red color. Click on this heading to see a full description of the event. Note that some events have a "map" link under the "where" heading - click it to see a map of where the event takes place.

Many events in the past can be found in Recent Events or Event Archive via the menubar above.

See also the District 5000 calendar - click "District News & Events" near the top.

If you use Google Calendar or any other application that supports the ICS/ICAL protocol, you can add this calendar to it, i. e. you can have this calendar displayed in your app. Ask the webmaster for details.